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How Green is the Sex Toy Industry
How Green is the Sex Toy Industry

AIR DATE: September 13, 2010

Las Vegas is no stranger to sex toys. But what about environmentally-safe sex toys? The industry is "going green" - shifting to organic lubes and chemical-free toys. But most stores selling green toys are in San Francisco or Seattle - not Vegas. So why hasn't the green toy movement caught fire in Sin City? How can you tell if a toy is green? And with no real regulators, is that toy truly organic or chemical-free? A local professor and a sexologist who sells green items lend their insights.

Lynn Comella, Prof of Women's Studies, UNLV
Carol Queen, Staff Sexologist, Good Vibrations (San Francisco)
Megan Swartz, Manager and Buyer, Deja Vu Adult Emporium and Deja Vu Love Boutique

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I have actually purchased organic, natural lubricant and a Lelo USB rechargeable vibrator from an adult store in Las Vegas. I have been 'greening' all aspects of my life in the last five years and this seemed like a natural next step in my purchases. The staff in the store was able to introduce me to these new products and I owe them my gratitude as I have enjoyed both purchases. I am glad to see that some companies are taking the initiative to innovate adult toys and products as a majority of products are outdated, unsafe, uncomfortable, and ugly.

LeahSep 13, 2010 09:08:52 AM
What an intriguing topic. :-) I never knew about the possible negative interaction between silicone devices and silicone lubricants. Life is complicated. Remember to boytoycott Levi jeans.
Aunty PalinSep 10, 2010 10:26:05 AM
The adult industry has tried to self-regulate due to wanting to avoid the interference of the FDA. It would be more detrimental to the industry than helpful. The morality of the government is conservative enough in the US, that we would quickly find ourselves with a far smaller grouping of product to choose from.
AnnaSep 10, 2010 09:39:15 AM
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