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Police and Community
Police and Community

AIR DATE: September 15, 2010

On Wednesday, the coroner's inquest of Erik Scott will be televised. Erik Scott was shot and killed on July 10th, by three Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers outside a Summerlin Costco. Metro says Scott pulled a gun. Some witnesses agree, most disagree.

So will a televised inquest make the procedings clearer for those who watch it?

What does the decision to televise these procedings say about relations between Metro and the Las Vegas community?

And what can be done to repair police/community relations?

We'll talk with several community leaders about the meaning of a televised inquest, and we'll take your calls and questions.

Pastor Robert Fowler, Sr Pastor, Victory Missionary Baptist Church
Wendell Williams, former State Assemblyman and Founder, The League of Action
Bill Scott, father of Eric Scott, shot by LVMPD
Richard Boulware, Attorney, NAACP of Las Vegas

  • Coroner's Inquest: Watch online or on Cox Cable Channel 4 at 9 am, Wed, Sept 22.
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Communities of all colors need to learn that when stopped by a police officer, put your hands up and leave them up. Do not reach for your pockets, a gun or cell phone.
Judy PoteeteSep 20, 2010 21:49:23 PM
Regarding the jaywalking tickets, I am a retired educator and if you have ever been near an elementary school as students are arriving or departing and seen the crazy traffic and drivers, you would know that these police officers giving tickets were attempting to save children's lives. Many parents do not walk their children to school after the first week when they are 8 or older. For their own safety, children need to learn to use the crosswalks and parents are their teachers.
Judy PoteeteSep 20, 2010 21:45:03 PM
the Eric Scott hearing what day, what time what station, I have directv

thank you

Margaret LongSep 20, 2010 11:03:33 AM

The inquest is scheduled to begin September 22 at 9am.

The county's TV channel, Cox Channel 4, will broadcast it.

You can also watch it online at:

I hope that helps!


Danielle [staff]Sep 21, 2010 08:29:33 AM
My favorite movie quote comes from "The Departed," Best Picture of 2006. Leonardo DiCaprio's character shoots and kills a man early in his career as a cop. The psychologist he has to meet with asks if he feels bad about it. DiCaprio grins and says something like, "Lady, most of the guys on this force signed up so they COULD use their guns. I don't feel bad." Valley law enforcement agencies put a PR spin on things. They talk about how they are keeping crime down. Not so. I've read about how police make it hard for people to report crimes (so the numbers look lower than they are.) They tell victims they have to go in person to a station, but they DON'T tell the victims it has to be by 4 PM, etc. I've met a number of people whose homes were burglarized...and the police have a devil-may-care attitude. They more or less tell the victims to grin and bear it. Nothing can be done. Meanwhile, you go a few miles too fast and they're all over you, like a super-hero, strutting their stuff and giving you attitude. My ex-wife was pulled over by a cop once and he wanted her phone number. He came on to her.
John HurdSep 19, 2010 10:51:51 AM
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