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Viva Las Business
Viva Las Business

AIR DATE: September 22, 2010

The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce has recently launched a campaign to buy local. The campaign aims to focus locals on businesses owned in the valley and hiring unemployed workers. We talk with the Chamber's Executive Director Matt Crosson about the plan and discuss potential problems with skeptics who think "Buy Local" will not work.

Matthew Crosson, Pres and CEO, LV Chamber of Commerce
Russ Roberts, Prof of Economics, George Mason University
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    I've been interested in starting a small business and doing my research, I noticed there's is a direct correlation with communities that have a large small business presence and the state of their economy. I have friends in Alaska and Austin Texas where small business are more prominent and they have appeared to have an adverse reaction to the recession as opposed to many other places. Small business community? I'm ll for it!
    Ashanti McGeeSep 16, 2010 10:57:37 AM
    A very important factor when our family chooses a local vendor over a larger chain is the response if there is an issue with the service. For instance, I know that if I have a problem with my dry cleaning, I can speak directly to the owner of our locally owned dry cleaning service and have an immediate result to my concern. There isn't much run-around or waiting for results when you are dealing with a business who has a community stakeholder as an owner. This makes a huge difference to us. Buying locally also means having a one on one access to the services you are purchasing.
    Carmelita Ramirez-SanchezSep 16, 2010 10:41:51 AM
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