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Hispanic Fears over Immigration Raids
Hispanic Fears over Immigration Raids

AIR DATE: September 23, 2010

Some Hispanics in Las Vegas say they and their families are concerned that immigration officials are targeting them. This tension between authorities and some in the Hispanic community reached a new boiling point after a recent ICE raid at a bus depot in East Las Vegas. We talk to authorities about how they plan to diffuse the tension. We also hear from folks within the Hispanic community to learn more about the things they want to see to end harassment.

Vincenta Montoya, Immigration Lawyer
Emmanuel Corrales, Owner of Shuttle Services - where raid took place
Pastor Joel Menchaca,US Customs and Border Patrol
Steven Branch, Field Dir, ICE

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Of course that the current immigration dialog singles out the Mexican immigrant. Until this nation switch this conversation to a policy discussion and not a social problem and until the media and special interest groups stop showing exclusively brown faces as the illegal immigration problem, we will see Mexicans single out.

When talking about illegal immigration, why is it that we only see a Mexican jumping a fence and we don't see the thousands of white Hispanics from countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, the Dominican Republican or Argentina, why don't we see the Chinese serving dimsum at a restaurant, why don't we see the Canadian crossing the border or the thousands of Europeans who flight into the US and overstay their visa. These all contribute equally to the problem of illegal immigration, but we only see the Mexican face on TV.

America has a immigration policy problem and it has a white, brown, Asian and black face. We should transform the conversation to the policy and law problem not the people's problem specially the brown people's problem. Until then it will continue to be a polarizing, divisive problem where only Mexican Hispanics are singled out.

Tibi EllisSep 22, 2010 10:58:02 AM
Mr. Corrales forgot to share with you that the agents that raided his business singled out only the brown faces. The white Hispanic employees where not asked for their documents or even recognized.

This is the reality of the perception on immigration.

Tibi ELlisSep 22, 2010 11:02:03 AM
At no time we believe that naturalization is a right; we know it is a privilege. But Hispanics are single out on this privilege. All we ask is to be included, give us the opportunity to prove that we are productive people that can contribute to the economy of this country. You want us to learn English, to pay taxes, to integrate to this community. When we ask for comprehensive immigration reform we just want the opportunity to do all these things. At this time there is no legal way for Mexicans to obtain documents,no matter what kind of contributions we have made to this country. All we want is a the opportunity to enhance our lives. Most Mexicans do not risk their lives, crossing the Arizona desert, the human traffickers and even drug lords to come to this country to take anything from Americans. We just want the opportunity to have a decent job. We do not want anything for free!!!
Paula Sep 22, 2010 09:33:15 AM
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