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Coming soon:  Wayne Newton Land?
Coming soon: Wayne Newton Land?

AIR DATE: September 27, 2010

Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton wants to turn his famed Casa De Shenandoah into a tourist attraction for all to enjoy. The project would come complete with a museum and shuttle tours of his palatial estate. But, despite his plans, Wayne Newton's Henderson neighbors have been vocal about their opposition to the project.

So how likely is it a Wayne Newton type theme park will open up in the near future?

We discuss Wayne Newton's project and whether or not it will ever become a reality.


Wendy Meoz, resident, Equestrian Estates and neighborhood organizer

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I think that this will be one of the best things economically for Las Vegas, since Las Vegas is #1 on the list of unemployment. Wayne is an American Icon and legend that has given his whole life to the city of Las Vegas. I obviously do not live there, let alone in his neighborhood and I do understand the concern, but I do know that I have known Wayne for 33 yrs. and he has never done anything that is not first class. He and his family will do this in such a manner that it will only enhance the area. When Wayne moved there in 1965, there was no one even near him, and yet he is right across the street from a total commercial area now. I feel that Wayne will be very successful with this venture. There are people all over the world that come to Las Vegas just to say they have seen "Mr. Las Vegas." I have planned every trip to Las Vegas around Wayne's performing schedule. I think there are many people that would love to be a part of "Wayne's World." I feel that the good that will come from Wayne putting so many people back to work, highly out-weighs the negative that it might possibly bring.
Judy Youngblood KnightSep 28, 2010 19:36:28 PM
I think Wayne should feel very relieved that his debts are clear and he and his wife can go onto retirement. Knowing that his former estate will be re-developed to fit the ever growing community and who knows! The estate could eventually end up being owned by respected individuals like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet that would certainly help compliment Las Vegas and Clark County! Looking into The City Of Opportunity! Move on Wayne! You had your fame! You will always be remembered!
Native NevadanSep 27, 2010 11:44:27 AM
I meant to make the point that Casa de Shenandoah and all our homes are NOT in Henderson; this is unincorporated Clark County and as such is under the auspices of the Clark County Commission and our commissioner is Mr. Sisolak.
Wendy Lee MeozSep 24, 2010 09:27:34 AM
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