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Children and Grief
Children and Grief

AIR DATE: September 28, 2010

A mother slips away from cancer. A brother dies in a car accident. A father is shot. When a loved one dies, what happens to the surviving child? Where can a child turn to for support? What resources do we have in Nevada, and why did it take until this month for a children's grief center finally open in Southern Nevada? We talk to the founders of two grief centers, and survivors on how they dealt with their family tragedies.

Kelly Thomas-Boyers, co-founder, Adam's Place
Jennifer Falls, participating mother, Adam's Place
Emilio Parga, founder, The Solace Tree
Autumn, participating teenager, The Solace Tree

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Where can I volunteer in Southern Nevada?
greysel stanuletSep 28, 2010 10:17:49 AM
If you would like to volunteer, go to the website You can download the volunteer application and then email it to Someone will contact you and schedule you for the next training. I'm one of the facilitators at Adam's Place and I'm so glad that I volunteered for this wonderful group.
Barbara MerchantSep 28, 2010 17:15:41 PM
We would also like for you to know that the Center for Compassionate Care at Nathan Adelson Hospice also offers support groups for families that includes children and teens. We also have a bereavement camp for children each summer. 2010 was our 20th year for camp. We have been a referral source for Clark County School counselors for many, many years and see children for grief counseling on a regular basis.
Judy HammerSep 28, 2010 10:12:44 AM
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