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Clark County's Inquest Process
Clark County's Inquest Process

AIR DATE: October 12, 2010

In recent weeks the inquest process for officer-involved shootings has been criticized as one-sided and designed to exonerate police. The Clark County Commission will soon be considering changes to the process to make it more effective. We talk with one of the reformers, Commissioner Steve Sisolak and Police Protective Association Executive Director Chris Collins about possible changes. Some participants in the Erik Scott inquest will give us their impressions of the process.

Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commissioner
Chris Collins, Exec Dir, LV Police Protective Assoc
Bill Scott, Erik Scott's father
Ross Goodman, Scott family lawyer

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If metro is going to be required to take a drug test after shooting someone, the test should be conducted by an outside agency, not in the metro lab
BenOct 1, 2010 09:47:56 AM
Any inquest process is not going to be a trial of sorts, yet an opportunity for another attorney, such as one that might represent a family would provide a more balanced process. Having just assistant district attorney asking questions is somewhat biased, even if the assistant da is reasonable and fair.
WesOct 1, 2010 09:39:10 AM
What happened with the costco tapes? is normal to have black tapes from security cameras? Did the family get to review the "blank" tapes? Why were the police and not the DA or a third party allowed to take them? Questions like this throw all the evidence collection into question when a party has a vested interest in the investigation.
PeterOct 1, 2010 09:37:46 AM
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