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Hilary Hahn and the UNLV Symphony Orchestra
Hilary Hahn and the UNLV Symphony Orchestra

AIR DATE: September 30, 2010

She blogs, she tweets, she posts on YouTube... and she's also one of the world's foremost violin stars. With two Grammys under her belt, virtuoso Hilary Hahn is known for pushing the traditional boundaries of classical music - she's online savvy, and even teams up with indie music stars. The violinist will perform with the UNLV Symphony Orchestra on Sept. 30. Hilary Hahn and UNLV's conductor join us for an in-depth discussion about the classics, crossing genres, and the future of music thanks to social media.

Hilary Hahn, violinist
Taras Krysa, conductor, UNLV Symphony Orchestra

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I cannot believe I missed seeing your performance! I live in Las Vegas and have been involved in some orchestras as a violinist, but I am in Virginia Beach, VA for college and could not attend your Ham Hall performance. I'm sure you did exceedingly well, though. =] Please tell me you'll play with the UNLV Symphony Orchestra again!
Maranatha MalonzoOct 1, 2010 19:55:18 PM
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