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Anonymity and Freedom of Speech
Anonymity and Freedom of Speech

AIR DATE: October 1, 2010

The Las Vegas Sun has has implemented a new system that tried to filter out many of the nasty and sometimes vicious comments that are left behind in the comment box. They're doing it by taking away your ability to remain anonymous. Will this mean fewer people comment? Will the Sun achieve the goal of having more civil discussion on local issues?

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Well I signed up as a verified account just using my FaceBook account which uses the same name as here. Easy Peasy. Facebook is a much lower threshold of verification than getting a phone call IMHO.
Aunty PalinOct 6, 2010 13:24:23 PM
With freedom of expression comes the responsibility to take ownership of one's actions and words. In the context of posting comments on discussion boards, anonymity is not necessary.
Sonja BrouwersOct 6, 2010 10:36:51 AM
Sounds perfectly reasonable to me - most major websites either hold comments for moderation or the right to delete off topic ones.

As for freedom of speech, many "letters to the editor" are never published and they are often edited.

Since the avenue for constructive comments by anonymous posters still exists, I'd say this is a non-issue.

Aunty PalinOct 6, 2010 10:20:53 AM
Excellent observation, Aunty Palin!
Sonja BrouwersOct 6, 2010 10:38:06 AM
Thank you Sonja. I also appreciated your comment on the need (and implied shortage) of personal responsibility.

Well I am now off to the LV Sun website to sign up and post some comments. :-)

Aunty PalinOct 6, 2010 12:41:03 PM
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