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The Beeb Talks to Oscar
The Beeb Talks to Oscar

AIR DATE: October 12, 2010

Las Vegas has been hit harder by the economic recession than almost any other city in the United States. Unemployment and home foreclosure rates are among the highest in the nation. The city's flamboyant mayor Oscar Goodman says Las Vegas remains 'the entertainment capital of the world', a great place to spend your money and have a good time. But is this realistic, given the state of the economy and a dwindling water supply which could hamper the city's future growth?

This HARDTalk interview is brought to us courtesy of the BBC. Stephen Sackur hosts.
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    I thought the BBC was a tad extreme and not fully versed on some of the issues. Hyperbole on both sides though - I just hold the BBC to higher standards and they usually deliver. I assume Hard Talk gets a bit more leash/rope to sound extreme.

    For instance, the thing about desalination plants in California that the BBC pooh-poohed - that's actually a pretty smart concept. The full idea is that NV would build them and give California that water in exchange for more water out of the Colorado River. I'm pretty sure that's not even Mayor Oscar's idea or juristiction - I assume it was an SNWA analyst or consultant.

    Also, how much can a mayor really do about improving education when the State runs that dept.

    I had ZERO problem with his Gin ad work.

    I'm not an Oscar fan but I have to admit, downtown has improved in someways during his terms - while Neonopolis has flopped, there are a cluster of new "happening bars" just across the street, Bonneville is active with the brain center, the furniture mart, the outlet mall and the new transit center. I don't see how anyone in government can stem the decades long decline of the Fremont St. casinos.

    Aunty PalinOct 6, 2010 11:25:31 AM
    I thoroughly appreciated the re-airing of Stephen Sackur's interview with Oscar Goodman- as someone who moved here over a year ago from NY, I have wondered very often why, with so many people in dire straits, is the mayor not doing more to diversify the economy. I mean even Orlando, FL has a financial center downtown, for goodness' sake. I feel like the mayor doesn't do "big picture" very well, and until he stops blaming everyone else for the state of things here, Vegas will continue to slide. But the previous poster was right- Goodman held his own, he didn't get ruffled. But his answers could've used some improving.
    Uduak F.Oct 4, 2010 21:40:59 PM
    I really enjoyed the interview of Oscar Goodman by Steve Sackur this morning. Sackur was a tough interview and Goodman did a pretty good job of holding his own.
    Chris CochranOct 4, 2010 11:02:48 AM
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