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Evictions and Renters' rights
Evictions and Renters' rights

AIR DATE: October 7, 2010

There's been a recent uptick in eviction filings in Henderson according to raw data compiled by the constable's office.

But when an eviction happens what is the process? And what are renter's rights in those situations?

We talk with one constable and legal experts about what people can and can't do when being evicted.

Gail Burks, Pres and CEO, NV Fair Housing Center
Steve Kilgore, Deputy Dir, Constables Office Henderson Township
Venicia Considine, attorney, Consumer Rights Project, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
Michael Foley, paralegal, currently fighting eviction from his home

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Heres one for the books... We are a resident in Henderson Nevada and on Monday at 1245 PM we were served with a 24 hour notice from the Constables office.. Sounds ok right....Heres the kicker !!!!!! We are current on our rent and actually have a credit bal. We were served in error and the office is calling it AN OFFICE ERROR. They gave us receipts and ledger showing we are current.. I had to do all the leg work to make sure we were not locked out. Can you believe this !!!!!
David Rosser Dec 8, 2010 13:23:07 PM
The place (condo) where I lived was bought by a person (investor) who was not familiar (or pretended to be unfamiliar) with renter's rights under the law. Within two days of the purchase the condo appeared to be on the market again and he and his associates began to leave notes threatening a lockout and eviction& he maintained that the state of Nevada favors landlords. I had recently returned from the funeral of a family member and was feeling quite upset by his tone, the threats, and the disinformation. When I reminded him of the law he said if he were me he wouldn't speak that way to the person who just bought the place where I lived. The threat of being locked out (for the second time-having been subjected to an erroneous "pre-foreclosure" lockout months earlier) and the tepid response from the property management company (they made it clear they worked for "owners" even when the absentee investor owners hadn't paid a dime toward the principle and once underwater walked away) made me feel unbelievably stressed out. Dealing with the lack of empathy and the uncertainty about the stated intention to violate the law (by locking me out) caused my partner to leave;
Neely Oct 4, 2010 09:48:13 AM
[cont'd] I developed insomnia, became depressed and sought counseling (and was put on one of the world's longest waiting lists). In seeking help from Las Vegas/Clark County agencies some were knowledgeable and helpful (and some were not). The limitations here were related to being a renter (and at the time the eviction was merely "threatened" and not actual). In the event of a lockout Metro told me to break a window to regain occupancy of the apartment. I didn't want to but would have done so.
NeelyOct 4, 2010 11:35:23 AM
We lived in a condo managed by RMI/FirstService for nearly five years. They provided no help to us when we were illegally locked out in 2009 and later when the condo owner,threatened to change the locks on our doors in June 2010.
Dahn ShaulisOct 3, 2010 19:34:39 PM
I'm a Reno lawyer working exclusively with Mortgage Mediation program clients. We had high hopes last summer--that normal people would be able to modify their loans. Now we are convinced this program is, sadly, a total farce. I put a mid-Sept. 2010, update on my YouTube channel as well as a school teacher's personal story: If you have 5min.48sec: in Google put in "T2esquire."
Terry J. ThomasOct 1, 2010 12:55:32 PM
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