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Higher Education Outlook
Higher Education Outlook

AIR DATE: October 8, 2010

Higher education chancellor, Dan Klaich says the decisions made in the upcoming legislature could impact the higher education in Nevada for the next 20 years.

So what ideas do Nevada's higher education leaders have for the looming budget crisis?

We talk with Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor, Dan Klaich and other college leaders about the future of higher education in Nevada.

Dan Klaich, Chancellor, Nevada System of Higher Education
Darren Divine, VP for Academic Affairs, CSN
Milton Glick, Pres, UNR

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Chancellor is cutting jobs but he doesn't want to be cut himself? He needs to practice what he preach.
Andy SteeleOct 7, 2010 10:58:18 AM
These bureaucrats can't distinguish between needs, wants, and politically correct crap. Hence they cut legitimate academics while spending hundreds of millions of $ on student rec centers, athletics, community outreach, lobbying, non-academic "departments", etc., which together account for 1/3 of their budget. And don't forget the "crap" degrees: sports, communications, ethnic/gender studies, public admin, education, the entire College of Urban Affairs, etc. I say give them LESS money!
TomOct 7, 2010 01:59:57 AM
there needs to be new and higher taxes on businesses and the minning and gaming industry for education. and also a state lottry every little bit helps. charge a 1 percent nevada education tax in resort and hotel fees. and the businesses around nevada colleges and universities shoud charge an extra 1 percent sales tax that will go to the schools...there needs to be change big change and newer taxxes
shahe Oct 6, 2010 21:19:57 PM
Hey I feel for these education chiefs. Even if every single program had tremendous economic benefit/payback, they'd have to make cuts. THE MONEY JUST ISN'T THERE.

Of course, universities shouldn't have to justify programs just on the basis of payback - the best universities have many programs that have very limited economic payback.

Bottom line is that if we had paid more - money and attention to economic diversification a decade or two ago, we wouldn't be in this jam/pickle jar and having to can people. :-)

Sad thing is the cuts of today will make us even weaker in the future.

Aunty PalinOct 6, 2010 10:27:55 AM
I saw a recent survey which stated that Nevada's working population is one of the least educated in the nation. How can we ever attract bigger and better diversified industry in Nevada if we do away with our Universities? Utah, on the other hand, has one of the highest education levels of their workers in the West. They have many state and private educational institutions and continue to attract new industry and jobs. It was just announced that a large information company was moving a huge part of its operations to Utah and they would be hiring 1200 people within the next year.
BillOct 6, 2010 10:05:42 AM
I support the furloughs and merit cuts for the Faculty/Professionals and I know the Chancellor is planning to layoff classified workers and out-sourced their jobs. With these savings, this takes the burden off of taxpayers and corporations for higher education and put our resources to K-12 schools. Higher Education also needs to merge with businesses so students have jobs after College. I don't want my bagger at the local grocery store having a BA degree and is massive in debt due to College. That's sick!
proclaimationOct 6, 2010 10:03:47 AM
Can the Chancellor and the presidents SPECIFICALLY highlight how NSHE and the respective universities have formally seek the input of the business leaders on what degrees/programs would result in a diverse economy for the State? Both presidents spoke last year of "vertical" cuts where law, information systems, sciences, computer sciences and engineering were to be cut? What advanced industries would not need these disciplines ?
FabOct 6, 2010 09:52:14 AM
Why is it that historically, though decades, the citizens of this state do not value a college education?
James MorrowOct 6, 2010 09:18:23 AM
The Regents ignored the Governor's request for a 10% budget cut and requested a very small increase instead. Every media outlet misreported this as a "pie in the sky" request for a 25% total budget increase making the higher education system appear out of touch with reality. Going into the critical budget battle this spring, what can the Chancellor do prevent this type of misreporting from happening?
MarkOct 6, 2010 09:17:46 AM
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