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Cocktail Service
Cocktail Service

AIR DATE: October 26, 2010

A May piece in the Phoenix New Times, "Why your cocktail waitress hates you", lists 19 types of customers that anger cocktail servers. These servers, along with bartenders, bouncers and bussers form the backbone of Las Vegas's club industry. We talk to the author of the piece and a couple of cocktail servers from the Strip's top clubs. They share anecdotes of their foibles and dish about their best and worst customers.

Sarah Ventre, former reporter, Phoenix New Times
Jackie Brod, server, Hard Rock
Brittni Anderson, server, Hard Rock
Sara Dahle, server, Encore Beach Club
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    As to Britney's comment that her friend should have tipped 20% of 4 of a kinds and a royal: A waitress is entitled to a fair tip for bringing me a drink. She is not a partner in my gambling. Is she willing to share in my losses, or even forgo her tips when I am losing? I didn't think so. I sometimes choose to share a little good fortune with a particularly nice waitress, but that is my choice, not what I am "supposed to do." I do tip for every drink, and I believe that covers any obligation I have to the cocktail waitress. Someone who works in a casino should know that wins at gambling, particularly the smaller ones such as 4 of a kind, are temporary and just part of the ebb and flow. The attitude of entitlement to my money expressed by this guest on your show is offensive.
    FredOct 16, 2010 02:47:47 AM
    Just one comment....

    I waited tables for 10 years and have a great deal of respect for people in this profession. I am also an excellent tipper for even fair service.

    That said.... it really annoys me when I get what I call the "look." When the waiter or waitress approaches the table and sizes me and my husband up and decides (in error) that we are not worth her time (I think because we don't look wealthy...trendy...whatever)...then they seem bothered to have to deal with us at his/her table. Irritating!!

    thanks!! and good luck to these ladies as it's a tough job!

    LaurieOct 15, 2010 15:45:54 PM
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