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The Mormon Vote: Reid or Angle?
The Mormon Vote: Reid or Angle?

AIR DATE: October 19, 2010

Senate majority leader Harry Reid is Mormon. But that doesn't automatically lock in the Mormon vote. Mormon businessmen booed him at a meeting this summer, and cheered his opponent, Sharron Angle, instead. And LDS leaders weren't too pleased when he didn't support the church's ban on gay marriage. So who really holds the Mormon vote? Is this Sharron Angle's opportunity to grab the 7% of Nevada's population? Or did her pastor's comment - where he called Mormons "kooky" and a "cult" - hurt her instead? A political reporter updates us on the power of the Mormon vote this season.

Delen Goldberg, Political Reporter, Las Vegas Sun

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I am a member of the church for over 30 years and an immigrant. I have never heard any of the Church Leaders say, that because I was an LDS Church member, I automatically have to become a member of the Republican Party. In fact I have heard the Prophets say that we need friends in both sides of the isle. Therefore, the Church does not declare itself in favor of the Republican or Democratic Party.

One of the callers in your program has talked a lot about being Christian and a good standing member of the Mormon Church. However, his comments were not Christian like comments at all. In fact it sounded so extreme and definitely his opinions are more in line with Sharon Angle's Church doctrine and beliefs.

I am very worried about LDS Church members who are going way too extreme in their political opinions and views. It is sad to hear members of the Church say that Senator Harry Reid is too liberal and has voted for gay marriage and abortion and to put illegal immigrants in the path to citizenship. Whomever, these members or nonmembers are, they can not be more far from the truth. I would recommend to all these LDS Church members and nonmembers to do a little research about our US Senator Reids voting record in the Senate before they start talking without any facts supporting their comments.

I love this man not only because he is a member of the LDS Church, but also because he is the one who represents the majority of hard working Nevadans, and I believe he is more Christ-like individual who is working so hard for the benefit of the majority in our nation and not for the few who have their personal agendas.

If any of these LDS Church members would be reading their Book of Mormon, they would know better in regards to immigration for example. The Book of Mormon clearly states that the Lamanites will flourish like a rose in the last days, and the majority of the immigrants are Lamanites, and no matter what we do we will not stop the immigration and the cultural change in this country. Therefore, it is time for everyone to learn and understand how to live and mingle with people from many different cultures and walks of life. VOTE FOR HARRY REID AND SAY NO TO SHARRON ANGLE.

Eberth MendezOct 25, 2010 22:21:06 PM
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