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Clark County's Fair Share program
Clark County's Fair Share program

AIR DATE: October 29, 2010

Have you registered your out of town car yet?

If not, your neighbors could get you into some trouble with the Las Vegas Constable's office.

Clark County's Fair Share program encourages people to report their neighbors who haven't registered their cars.

The program has raised some ire with Las Vegas residents who think it should be law enforcement's job and not neighbors who enforce the rules.

So would you tattle on your neighbor?

Las Vegas Constable, Robert A. Gronauer joins us to talk about the Fair Share program.

Robert A. Gronauer, Las Vegas Constable
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    Thirty days is a too short a time. I get that the money is needed, but when you move, you've got a lot going on. Also, if you've already registered in another state, that should be recognized! Aren't we all living in the same union? If I was married in Utah, do I have to pay another fee to get a marriage license in Nevada? I mean, seems a tad silly. I can understand if you see the same plate for, say, 8 months or something, but ratting out a new neighbor who may just be trying to get the money together is not right. And it IS a LOT of money! And you'd go a long way to getting people to register if they could divide up the payments, too, since it can be soooo expensive. Just slapping a huge fine on isn't going to help as an incentive, it's just going to scare people who might just be unable to afford it, especially in this economy.
    Valley High GradOct 21, 2010 10:13:08 AM
    If I see a car on the road with an out of state plate, can I report that car to the constable's office or am I ONLY supposed to report neighbors? I don't see out of state plates in my neighborhood, but I see the SAME out of state plates on my way to work every day-those people must be living here-can I report them?
    WilliamOct 21, 2010 09:27:48 AM
    Yes. We have cut back on law enforcement officers (ex. NLV cutting cops in the paper today) so the citizens have to step up and do their part. Everyone should pay their fair share.

    Important question: I have called the constable's office to report people, but have been turned away because the people I'm reporting were seen outside of the City of Las Vegas city limits, which are quite small given the size of the Las Vegas Valley. Is there a Fair share program in Henderson, Boulder City, and other cities in the valley that I can report these people to? Gronauer's program is only reaching a very small amount of violators in the valley.

    James in HendersonOct 21, 2010 09:13:11 AM
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