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Robert de Posada on the Latino
Robert de Posada on the Latino "Don't Vote" Campaign

AIR DATE: October 28, 2010

The man behind the "Don't Vote" campaign explains why his ads urge Latinos to stay away from the polls. Robert de Posada of Latinos 4 Reform joins us to talk about the ethnic vote, whether his ads were part of a GOP strategy (as some critics claim), and the backlash since the "Don't Vote" campaign started.

Robert de Posada, president, Latinos 4 Reform

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I'm really upset KNPR did not let anybody call and ask de Posada some questions, and Luis you should have questioned him on plenty of the things he was saying. He said he wants Hispanis to vote but just not for the Federal positions... that means DON'T VOTE! If he is so involved in politics HE SHOULD KNOW IT IS IMPORTANT TO VOTE! Would the NAACP ask African Americans not to vote "to show the politicians they mean business?" RIDICULOUS! Also, if the Spanish language video was too long 63+ seconds why did he decide to edit out what he says he "really" meant? and not the many words he repeated over and over? Marketing mistakes? SERIOUSLY??? Also, he spoke about Democrats supposedly having super majority and how it was terrible they did not attempt to pass an immigration reform, yet he calls them "irresponsible" when they tried to pass the Dream Act saying they knew it would not pass. HELLO!!!! Easy contradictions to point out! Luis and producers I'm extremely disappointed!!!
Annette KNPR MemberOct 28, 2010 00:19:40 AM
Let's be clear, the idea of 'reform' being pressed by the Latino lobby is amnesty for illegals. What makes this Don't Vote campaign ridiculous is that illegals shouldn't be voting in the first place. Only CITIZENS should be voting. This whole Don't Vote smacks of an attempt to extort a blanket amnesty for people who, yes, BROKE THE LAW in coming here illegally.
DavidOct 27, 2010 20:27:52 PM
Mr. de Posada stated that the Democrats did not do any immigration reform even though they had a Super Majority. Totally untrue! The Democrats did not have a 2/3rds majority in either the House or the Senate. The real reason nothing was done, Republican obstruction in the Senate using its arcane rules.
Jay DickermanOct 27, 2010 09:36:30 AM
Why are you giving this man even a minute of your time? "Don't try to fool us," Deposada claims; yet he's the one who is trying to fool us. He's been an intricate part of the RNC; he worked for GW Bush and for J. McCain. All the images depicted in his ad are Democrats. Why didn't you allow for listener participation???
Fernando RomeroOct 27, 2010 09:32:35 AM
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