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Sheriff Doug Gillespie
Sheriff Doug Gillespie

AIR DATE: October 27, 2010

We talk with Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie. He's heavily favored to win re-election next week, but his office has been besieged by criticism in the wake of two highly-publicized shootings by Metro police earlier this year. What would a second Gillespie term look like, and what does he say about the recent shootings and the way Metro deals with them? We ask and we take your questions too.

Doug Gillespie, Sheriff, LVMPD
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    On Oct 13, 2010, I was at the debate with Doug Gillespie and Laurie Bisch. The idea of a special presenter was 100% Laurie Bisch's idea. Now, Doug Gillespie is taking credit for it. My Comment is this: Doug, if you win this election, Please, Please USE Laurie Bisch to help you. She is intelligent and has a tremendous deal of compassion.
    Jim GeachOct 27, 2010 15:25:44 PM
    I have been in LV for almost 20 years and it seems like from the time I moved here there has been a culture or attitude that in any incident that Police can never be wrong. A good example was the officer that was killed in a high speed accident on W Flamingo. In that case an innocent citizen was nearly sent to prison until other citizen witnesses came forward and it was impossible for the Police to maintain their original position. Many really believe that the Police new the truth the entire time and were"protecting their own" at all costs.

    Sherrif Gillespie's explanation of this that he just explained on the the air is a perfect example. Can we really believe that Metro was so inept "not asking the right questions" and the officer witness was really descibing headlights??? Really??? This is just another example of the culture I descibed above.

    BrianOct 26, 2010 09:50:16 AM
    The police are an old boys club they are not credible on any level.
    markOct 26, 2010 09:45:52 AM
    I have also been pulled over for no reason and been treated abusivly, yelled at, threaten, searched my car for no probable cause. I don't drink,smoke or do drugs and have never commited a crime and I think the police are abusive and everyone I talk to agrees. Come on shooting teenagers in the back handcufffed no matter what happens here it is justified
    markOct 26, 2010 09:42:59 AM
    I would like to know if Sheriff Gillespie would change anything about the current metro training programs in reaction to the recent and very public police shootings. I also want to know his opinion about his opponent, Laurie Bisch. Thank you.
    JeanOct 26, 2010 09:38:00 AM
    Gillespie wont BAD MOUTH Bisch because it's a stupid political move to bad mouth your employee. But, im sure he doesnt want to lose his seat to one bad ass lady!
    JonathanOct 27, 2010 16:08:46 PM
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