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Election Day
Election Day

AIR DATE: November 8, 2010

After all the negative ads, the tens of millions of dollars and the sheer vitriol, it's Election Day. Many people have voted so here's a chance to tell us why and if you're still undecided this might be the last chance to hear what is at stake from our panel of experts.

Steve Sebelius, Ed, LV CityLife
Karoun Demirjian, Political Reporter, LV Sun
Anjeanette Damon, Political Reporter, LV Sun
Elizabeth Crum, News Ed, Nevada News Bureau
Chuck Muth, political activist and blogger, Muth's Truths

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To Louis Hernandez: Re your interview with Posada. I think you were so shocked at his stance that you did not hear when he said that he either suggested a write-in, or to avoid the 2 candidates. He said that he did not say to avoid voting altogether. BTW, You are great, next to my 1st favorite, Dave Burns, then Dave Becker. Intelligent & well-spoken. Thanks, Liz Bird
Elizabeth BirdNov 2, 2010 10:02:08 AM
my question to the political experts is how accurate the polls are. They were wrong during the presidential election when it came to nevada. It is also my understanding that they only call landlines and are only done in English. That rules out a huge minority (hispanic) population and the youth. So why do these experts refer to the polls so much when they have proven to be inaccurate?
MichelleNov 2, 2010 09:35:31 AM
Why is 'Obama-Care' bad for Nevada? And since when is a universal health care program that takes the business out of being sick bad for anyone, let alone Nevada? I don't want to believe that "Fiscal Conservatives" are so evil that they rather the unemployed and insurance-less people of this state be left fitting outrageous hospital bills if they fall ill...Those same conservatives found a way to fund an unecessary war, I don't see how HEALTH CARE became the anti-christ??
JaimeNov 2, 2010 09:32:13 AM
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