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Post Election Day Analysis
Post Election Day Analysis

AIR DATE: November 4, 2010

The hard-fought midterm elections of 2010 are over. We look at all of the winners and losers and how those results will impact Nevadans.

Ken Fernandez, Prof of Poli Sci, UNLV
Karoun Demirjian, political reporter, Las Vegas Sun
Kerry Picket, political reporter, The Washington Times
Ian Mylchreest, Sr Producer, Nevada Public Radio
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    Please tell Ian & Dave & Jon Ralston that the word "machine" is incorrect and pejorative. It refers to the old Chicago Democrats who TOLD people how to vote, sometimes with threats or coersion.

    Harry Reid's "ground game" was not a machine. They went to the people who could make a difference with their vote, but were otherwise disinclined to vote. It was door-to-door and phone calls, and not a "machine". You should apologize. Machine means corruption. I don't hear anyone saying "Republican Machine."

    Paula [via email]Nov 3, 2010 11:25:25 AM
    You've asked why she lost the election, and most of the answers your guests have given have to do with the ads, emails, phone calls etc that were done by the Reid campaign. But my reasons for not voting for her were Angle herself. All anyone had to do was listen to her speak, see her avoidance of the media (presumably because she's not experienced or knowledgeable enough to answer the hard questions) and observe her early positions and then the changes in her positions on the issues as the election drew closer. I watched her campaign ads very closely and saw the lies she perpetrated about Harry Reid. (I am not a fan or supporter of Reid, either). I concluded that this is an untrustworthy, inarticulate and confused woman whom I would never trust as a leader.
    Susan [via email]Nov 3, 2010 11:21:25 AM
    I ran a polling place for the county yesterday, and we had a very large Hispanic turnout at my polling place. A number of them expressed views that they were there for one reason: "to vote against the woman who doesn't like Hispanics."
    Howard [via email]Nov 3, 2010 11:18:00 AM
    Ian Mylchreest is right. The readers of the R-J understand that the editorial staff of the R-J is way outside the mainstream.
    Howard [via email]Nov 3, 2010 11:15:47 AM
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