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Hospital Care in Nevada: What's the Source of the Problems?
Hospital Care in Nevada: What's the Source of the Problems?

AIR DATE: November 18, 2010

What is going on with the Southern Nevada hospital system? Nurses reported leaving or transferring jobs because of poor staffing. Why did the Las Vegas Sun find more injuries than those that were actually reported? Sun reporter Marshall Allen joins medical experts and patients still suffering from their injuries to talk about hospital care in Nevada.

Marshall Allen, reporter, Las Vegas Sun
Larry Matheis, Exec Dir, Nevada State Medical Association
Kathy Schafer, Iowa surgical nurse; former patient at Sunrise Hospital
Harold Abramowski, former patient at Mountain View Hospital

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I was admitted to Sunrise Hospital about 3 years ago for a medically necessary in patient surgery (not emergency). I had a wonderful surgeon who only operated there, so didn't have a choice. The surgeon was also going on vacation, so she had an associate follow up on me. I had a trouble free experience, even discharged early (less than 24 hrs after surgery) because I was recovering so well. This was judged because I only self administered my morphine drip once. I had trouble with the morphine, and the nurse on duty was quick to give me meds to offset the nausea. I have no complaints, but have heard so many horror stories of surgeries gone wrong, I would hesitate having another procedure done there. I think a lot of my good experience had to do with the competency of my surgeon and her associates.
CyndiNov 15, 2010 09:46:12 AM
greed! hospital,insurance companies,'s like trying to run a four wheel auto with three wheels then expecting for it to work! trying to cut corners to maximize profit margins at the cost of patient and staff safety!
joseNov 14, 2010 19:35:33 PM
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