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The Magic Power of the Amargosa Toad
The Magic Power of the Amargosa Toad

AIR DATE: November 29, 2010

What little creature can bring together miners, enviromentalists, off-road racers, and prostitutes? A toad. The Amargosa toad, specifically. No, this isn't a fairy tale... but it's not everyday that groups from opposite ends of the political spectrum rally behind a toad. We find out why this little green guy is causing such a stir in the ponds outside Las Vegas.

David Spicer, President, Saving Toads thru Off-Road Racing, Mining and Ranching in Oasis Valley (STORM-OV); rancher; owner, DNH Mining
Rob Mrowka, ecologist and nature conservation advocate, Center for Biological Diversity
Jim Moore, Oasis Valley Project Manager, Nature Conservancy
Bob Williams, Nevada State Supervisor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife

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I enjoyed participating in the panel discussion. Hope it was informative. We here at STORM-OV, and within the confines of oasis valley are realizing how important it is to get our message out. Unifying people over a common cause stirs their passion, causing commitment, resulting in success. I praise everyone from the top to bottom who has helped, participated, and most of all trusted that this level of communication could exist.
David SpicerNov 24, 2010 11:26:32 AM
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