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Jeff Sharlet Returns to
Jeff Sharlet Returns to "C Street"

AIR DATE: November 24, 2010

Jeff Sharlet broke the story of "C Street" - a house in Washington, D.C., run by a religious fellowship known as "The Family" and home to some of the nation's top Republican Congressmen. Sharlet interned with The Family and revealed some of their innermost secrets. In his newest book, "C Street," he talks about today's fundamentalism, its roots in D.C., and how it's stretching as far as the war on gays in Africa. He also weighs in on how The Family now treats Sen. John Ensign post-scandal, and about the GOP's rumored plan to move Sen. John Ensign quickly out the door for a new Republican slate.

Jeff Sharlet, author and journalist, "C Street" and "The Family"
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    This was very interesting but there is a question that wasn't asked that I think is very pertinent right now. I understand that Hilary Clinton is or was a member of C Street. In light of this, what does Mr. Sharlet think are the implications of her being Secretary of State? I hope that if you interview him again you delve into this connection.
    Carrol KuhlowNov 29, 2010 11:00:37 AM
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