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Harry Reid Speaks after the Election
Harry Reid Speaks after the Election

AIR DATE: December 3, 2010

He won a close race, but Harry Reid is back as our senator. The Senate Majority Leader joins us for the first time since his win to talk politics including his narrow win, the new Republicans, Tea Party influences, the expiration of unemployment benefits at the end of this month, the DREAM Act, and other issues on his plate.

Senator Harry Reid, [D-NV], US Senate Majority Leader

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I think the Senator should be reminded that the names of the bills or the quantity of the bills is not the measure of legislation: the quality of the bills is far more important that any of these items and that is why you have failed: the healthcare bill is not reform: the insurance companies still determine what the price will be, irregardless of what it costs, you just gave away the taxes that they pay from the 80% rule (thanks so much for that they are really paying their fair share) and you have added 32 million people who can either not afford the premiums, can't pay their share of the cost so still have no coverage.....the bill is a disaster.

Then you have the banking bill which does not address the basic that the banks destroyed the economy and they are now making huge profits and will not loan money....what is this reform? Something like reducing their size, limiting their scope and make them provide service once again...once again, the legislation fails...thus what is your result?...

Oh, and if the people who are here illegally complete their military, start college and don't they get to keep the green card? Again, this is not reform, this amnesty..

KirkNov 24, 2010 09:21:55 AM
Would like to thank you for the hard work you have done to get green work here in Las Vegas. What else are you looking to bring to the valley and state to provide jobs and how hard of a fight do you think you will have on the hill to make it happen?
Jennifer TaborNov 23, 2010 16:16:52 PM
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