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Free Health Clinics
Free Health Clinics

AIR DATE: December 6, 2010

People are losing their jobs and their medical benefits. Doctors are cutting back on the Medicare patients they see, and insurance companies stopped providing single policies for kids. So where do the uninsured go when they're sick? Free health clinics. How successful are they? Are they only treating the poor, or is their patient base changing in this economy? How do they afford to stay afloat if they're free? Clinic founders and patients weigh in. Do you go to health clinics? Were they helpful? Are there better options when you don't have insurance? Give us a call or write in.

Dr. Noah Kohn, Founder/Medical Dir, Clinics in Schools
Dr. Florence Jameson, Founder, Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada

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I would like to volunteer -- don't have a medical background but am a grandmother who is good with people and would like to help if you can use me. How do I reach you?
marshaDec 13, 2010 09:32:56 AM
TO the lady that was on earlier asking if there are any clinic that she can go to without having to answer so many questions. Clinica Medica on Lake Mead is where i went when my kids and I didnt have insurance. Its latin based and only $50 to see the doctor. Most of the times they would give me samples of the medication that I needed. thanks!
AngieDec 13, 2010 09:32:15 AM
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