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The Zappos Deal
The Zappos Deal

AIR DATE: December 9, 2010

What can you do with one somewhat used City Hall? That question was hanging for some time when the City of Las Vegas voted to build a new headquarters in Symphony Park. The answer arrived earlier this week with the news that Zappos - the online shoe giant would be moving with its 1,000 employees to a new downtown campus to be fashioned from the old city hall building. So how was the deal done? And what will it mean for downtown? We ask for some answers.

Jon Ralston, Host of "Face to Face" on KSNV 3 and and Political Columnist, Las Vegas Sun
Joe Schoenmann, Reporter, Las Vegas Sun

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While Zappos is more than just a call center, isn't it still mostly a call center? Sure Zappos is a fun company and it's nice that it sells stuff with panache but ultimately this is another sign of the upside down priorities of the US economy. Also, isn't it relatively zero sum - Henderson loses and Downtown gains? (If Zappos still gives their workers free lunch, then this limits the lunch rush business impact) Did Zappos attract any new high tech businesses while it was in Green Valley? What we really need are some more innovative high tech green energy companies to come into S. Nevada so we can truly benefit by being knowledge workers vs just being a sunny resource to be exploited.
Aunty PalinDec 3, 2010 10:43:22 AM
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