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Coffee Klatsch
Coffee Klatsch

AIR DATE: December 14, 2010

Max Jacobson searches for wisdom about the ideal cup of coffee. Coffee is certainly the morning beverage of choice. But how to separate the good beans from the so-so beans. And are we more astute coffee consumers than we were a few decades back now that the carmel Latte is available on almost every corner? A few coffee experts join us to talk about the quest for the perfect cup.

Luis Oliveira, owner, Sambalatte
Don Anderson, Colorado River Coffee Roasters
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    Luiz Oliveira's "Sambalatte" coffee shop is in a class by itself. It offers the products, the ambiance and the friendliness which exemplifies Luiz's vision of what a great coffee shop should be. It is a place you can't go to "once" will find your way back with your friends and THEY will be impressed!! And you will be welcome!!
    Bill BinningsDec 10, 2010 23:07:02 PM
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