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Howard Skolnik
Howard Skolnik

AIR DATE: December 16, 2010

Nevada Department of Corrections director is walking away from his job at the end of the month. He's leaving in light of the fact that the department could be facing major cuts in the next legislative session.

Howard Skolnik, Dir, NDOC

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Howard skolnick is one of the most honest men I have Ever known. I have known him twenty years. He can Always see through everyone who is not being honest. They used to say, howard has eyes in the back of his head. Beware all of you who are lying about this wonderful hardworking man.
nataliaFeb 26, 2012 21:17:51 PM
Howard is correct when to comes to staffing. At Southern Desert Correctional Center where I worked with 204 inmates to 1 officer. I understand things have not changed.,
William Mark ClarkeDec 14, 2010 13:48:05 PM
What total and complete liar. The only reason he (or they) combined all the departments is so he (or they)could control them. Thats why evey chaplain (or any outside party for that matter including the aclu) thinks he's a tyranical pshycopath. (in my opinion belongs in prison) The NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY did the same thing in the 30's... Making everyone become a nazi makes everyone culpable. 50% of what he said on YOUR show were complete lies. Ian, you should resign. What a shame. There is only one fact he got right, he "howard skulnic", is indeed lazy. Nobody can win a case involving the ndoc because its a stacked deck. Why would the aclu destroy its credibility? it wouldn't 28 point case lost on all 28 points? coincidence?... Please try to imagine Nazi Germany.. Now, would you alone, by your self, scream at a bunch of brown shirts marching down the block, I think not. In the same way if you fight against the ndoc you must be soft. a weakling. FOR the prisnors hence crime. OH, FOR crime. Now I'm pro-crime, I see. Prison gaurds in general are ego driven tuffguy wannabees (not 100%)like skulnik. You can't be a real man and be a guard at a Nevada Prison at the same time.
DutchDec 14, 2010 10:41:53 AM
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