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Mayoral Candidate Marlene Rogoff
Mayoral Candidate Marlene Rogoff

AIR DATE: December 16, 2010

Marlene Rogoff is the third candidate to jump into the race for Las Vegas mayor. Her background is in real estate and she says her focus in the race will be attracting new types of jobs and industry to Las Vegas. She also wants to turn around the city's declining population as well as address the foreclosure crisis.

Marlene Rogoff, LV Mayor candidate

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She owes me $1.15 million as Victoria Capital Corp and %200,000 in deferred interest and I am 81 yrs old and need the money for retirement. She hasn't paid for 8 months and says shes having hard times. Looks like she plenty to spend on other things thou.
gene MankinenMar 28, 2011 20:35:28 PM
Marlene, if elected, what will you do to make sure Las Vegas is one of the first cities to get the free renewable energy street lights from These can save our city $21 million. I posed the same question to our current mayor, but as of yet, he has taken no action.
KerriDec 31, 2010 18:14:44 PM
I heard Marlene last night and I must say, it seemed as if she really "beat around the bush" with many of of the questions asked of her regarding the Nevada State economy. I hope that her photo on this site is not one she is using to campaign. It looks very unprofessional from someone who is trying to run for Mayor. I wish her luck, but I think she has to self reflect before she could win my vote and the trust of Nevada residents.
RyanDec 16, 2010 08:47:55 AM
Hi Ryan, I'm glad you listen to knpr, but you obviously didn't listen to the entire interview or you would know I am the only candidate that did get very specific about how to address several problems. Either that, or you really are blogging in support of one of the other candidates. As for the photo, there will be another official one for the race, but this one was put up in the spirit of good fun, as the next mayor must have the two sides, the serious one of getting things done, and other one to promote the Spirit of Las Vegas. Be sure to see my website In sum Ryan, I wish you and all the listeners a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.
Marlene RogoffDec 20, 2010 23:51:18 PM
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