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New School Board Members
New School Board Members

AIR DATE: December 20, 2010

Newly-elected Clark County School Board members Erin Cranor and Lorraine Alderman join district leadership at a time where unprecedented budget cuts have changed the face of CCSD. Those cuts are likely to get deeper as the state grapples with a $3-billion budget hole next year. So how will the two brand new members of the school board handle a decimated budget, a new board chair and a new superintendent? Erin Cranor and Lorraine Alderman join us.

Erin Cranor, CCSD Board Member
Lorraine Alderman, CCSD Board Member
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    What's broken with schools and why does it cost so much? It's become child care for those who aren't motivated. How to motivate? Change Tech schools system to get those kids who aren't college enthused to give them some worthwhile skills. The current system, with the exception of LV Acedemy relies on students with good grades to apply. From personal experience, These are the kids who are already motivated to learn, they just don't want to be around kids ( and teachers) who don't care. Kids who don't care ( at least yet) probably don't have the good grades to get into the magnet school, where they probably would do better and be less of a discipline problem. Larger class sizes could probably be accommodated if everyone, kids and teachers , are all focused. Another way to deal with this would be to either refer more students to alternate schools or Just higher a non teacher to baby sit students who don't want to be there for the day. Let students who want to learn be given that opportunity without threat of deliquents bothering them
    KathyDec 16, 2010 20:47:32 PM
    you want to raise test scores and decrease drop out rates EASY, CHEAP and proven in other states, start High School LATER. I bet it would make teachers happy too.
    Denise Signorelli Ph.DDec 16, 2010 09:10:46 AM
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