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The State of Sex: A Look Inside Nevada's Brothels
The State of Sex: A Look Inside Nevada's Brothels

AIR DATE: January 3, 2011

Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal. Brothels sit in the rural areas far outside Las Vegas and range in size from resorts to just a few trailers. But what really goes on in brothels? Is prostitution a form of servitude... or independence? Why did some women leave behind college and other full-time jobs to work there? A team of UNLV researchers sat down with prostitutes, brothel owners and managers and got the inside story. They even spent the night in one brothel. What did women say about their clients or the rules of the house? And how did working in a brothel compare to working on the streets?

The authors of The State of Sex: Tourism, Sex and Sin in the New American Heartland (Contemporary Sociological Perspectives) sit down for a deep discussion.

Barb Brents, Associate Prof, Dept of Sociology, UNLV; co-founder, Sex and Body Industry Research Project
Crystal Jackson, Ph.D. student, Dept of Sociology, UNLV
Kate Korgan, Sr Assoc Dean of the Graduate College, and tenured faculty, Dept of Sociology, and faculty affiliate in Women's Studies, Cultural Studies and Asian Studies, UNLV; co-founder, Sex and Body Industry Research Project
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    I moved to so Nevada in 03. Wish I could have got on the air. Personally I am sick and tired of prostitutes. I have been harassed in the casinos and even in the medical clinic as these women came in for their scheduled exams. Here's a typical experience. I was walking in a casino and this woman starts up a conversation with me, I'm bored,she's pretty she seems nice, great so I talk to her for like 1 minute! or probably less and she's says " let's get a room" I'm like what? "lets get a room" I was floored, when I recovered my senses I managed to say I really don't know you. Than shes the one who's shocked "well, we can GET to know each other, I'm an entertainer" I felt slimmed my stomach tightened up, before I could say anything I looked up and this creep had disappeared into the crowd faster than the eye could see. Here I am looking forward to a walk in the mall, some window shopping, some conversation, a cup of coffee, hearing about her life, passing the time who knows maybe we might even take to each other, become friends or more. But that's not what it's about, this pervert wants to SELL HER BODY to me for MONEY. Do you get how sick that is?
    Chip BellDec 29, 2010 21:11:22 PM
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