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Drone Crashes in  the U.S.
Drone Crashes in the U.S.

AIR DATE: January 5, 2011

A drone plane, operated by Mexican law enforcement, crashed in El Paso, Texas in late December. No one was hurt and the plane was quickly returned to Mexican officials. Drones will soon become a common sight in the skies over the border. The U.S. is committing to cover the entire U.S./Mexico border with drones. Mexico is also using some in cooperation with American counterparts to fight the drug war and battle human smuggling. We talk to an LA Times aerospace reporter who shares with us the expansion of drone planes in the western hemisphere.

William Hennigan

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Drone?= machine. No critical thought process involving differenciating form as ambient = human, or non-ambient = object. Quality of drone product - potential for high risk mistake or failure creating greating greater risks for piracy of drone for acts of violence, invasion of privacy, furthering an overall acceptance of monitoring even citizens as potential criminal risks. Simply another "Big Brother" activity.
P OJan 7, 2011 09:52:19 AM
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