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Do Asians Have A Political Voice
Do Asians Have A Political Voice

AIR DATE: January 7, 2011

Local Latinos spoke out a lot about immigration and the DREAM Act during the recent elections. But where were other ethnic groups, like the Asians? What issues matter to Asians in Las Vegas? How strong is their political voice - and did they make an impact at the polls? Outside of Chinatown, how well have immigrant groups assimilated? We talk to local Asian leaders about what matters to them in Las Vegas.

Vida Lin, Pres, Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce
Yangcha Crabb, psychologist and social worker
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    Hi, One of the people on the panel said that some immigrants look to the government to "take care of them", referencing social security, unemployment, etc. That is not an American idea although a number of Americans think that way. These programs were only ment to be a safety net. The American idea is that each person will maximize opportunities available to take care of themselves. With the economy and deficit, I expect these programs will be severely cut. As far as corruption in this country, I believe it exists and is a real problem. However, we have different kinds of corruption. Here I am referring to corporations and financial institutions. America is not what it used to be, I am sorry to say. Penny Ridgecrest
    PennyJan 6, 2011 10:42:36 AM
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