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County Commissioner Susan Brager
County Commissioner Susan Brager

AIR DATE: January 13, 2011

Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager was recently appointed the new chairwoman of the commission. She'll replace outgoing chair Rory Reid. She joins us to discuss some of the pressing issues for the state's largest county including foreclosures, development and the budget.

Susan Brager, Clark County Commissioner

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What are you going to do about THE TYPES of people moving into these foreclosed homes?!!!!! I live just south of Tropicana and Nellis and it has literally turned into a ghetto. I am a victim of the foreclosure crisis. I moved to this neighborhood because it was quiet, people took pride in their yards and they were friendly. But because of the crisis, many lost their homes and moved away. With properties here being as cheap as they are, anybody can buy them and with that being the case, they rent out to any joe without a background check. They wind up destroying the property, they're loud and belligerent, they have dogs they don't care about and leave them outside to bark incessantly all night long, they don't clean up after them and let them loose, there's trash in front of their houses, the list goes on. These types of people are also property owners. It lowers my property value EVEN MORE. What are you going to do about that?
Samantha DixonJan 12, 2011 09:31:46 AM
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