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What's In Our Drinking Water
What's In Our Drinking Water

AIR DATE: January 11, 2011

Scientists recently found a harmful chemical called "chromium-6" in the tap water of 31 US cities. That's the same chemical that made Erin Brockvich famous, when she sued on behalf of people who got sick from the polluted groundwater. But now chromium-6 has broken out of its containment barrier, and scientists say it's popping up elsewhere - including our neighbor state, California. So what's in our drinking water? Does it have chromium? How do we filter it out? What's the best way to have clean drinking water? We ask the experts.

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I was born in Las Vegas and have lived here most of my life. I was always told by the water district that our water was perfect to drink, and thought people who bought water were crazy. But now listening to this broadcast, I'm kind of freaked out. What can *I* use to take these metals and minerals out of my tap water, specifically what product? I do not want to drink my tap water *anymore*.
DeniseJan 11, 2011 21:45:57 PM
I was about to have my question aired and was cut question is (2) fold: Does the chromium 6 report apply to Henderson, NV water? And is there a negative environmental impact to salt based water softening systems?
Jason of Las VegasJan 11, 2011 10:39:51 AM
Did you get an answer?
DeniseJan 11, 2011 21:50:29 PM
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