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Boulder City Traffic
Boulder City Traffic

AIR DATE: January 18, 2011

The Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman bridge was supposed to make things easier for travelers coming to and from Arizona. But, a few months after the bridge opening residents of Boulder City say the bridge has caused nothing but traffic headaches for them. And it's even to the point where the traffic is hurting local businesses. We'll talk with Mayor Roger Tobler about the concerns of Boulder City residents. We'll also talk with transportation expert Tom Skancke about what, if anything, can be done to address those concerns.

Roger Tobler, Mayor, Boulder City
Tom Skancke, Pre and CEO, The Skancke Company
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    What is sad is that the traffic is not the only problem as a result of "that damn bridge.". It is the main problem, I agree, but with it has come a secondary problem endangering the air quality of the Recreation area and the surrounding communities. As a result of the increased traffic and the allowance of semi trucks and other large format vehicles the pollution level in Black Canyon is disgusting and as thick as LA smog. This also needs to be addressed.
    Amy WojciechowskiJan 17, 2011 20:57:30 PM
    LOL, is it too late for BC to charge a toll? :-)
    Aunty PalinJan 14, 2011 11:19:13 AM
    While it is acclaimed as magnificent and an engineering marvel, we refer to it in Boulder City as "that damn bridge." However, I feel better about our bypass prospects if Tom Skancke is involved. Tom & Roger & Harry will get it done!
    Linda FaissJan 13, 2011 16:55:11 PM
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