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The Wasteland
The Wasteland

AIR DATE: January 18, 2011

There's a golf course 50 miles north of Las Vegas, sitting in the middle of nowhere. It's called Coyote Springs, and builders hoped it would be a boomtown. But like much of the city now, it stopped growing when the economy went bust. How does an entire landscape of abandoned homes and strip malls affect us as Las Vegans? Are we more cynical about a fast recovery, or are we still optimistic? Were the experts wrong? And if we do start building again, what direction should we go in? How does the stalled growth of the city affect you? We want to hear from you.

Timothy O'Grady, autho and visiting Prof of Literature, UNLV
John L. Smith, columnist, LVRJ
Ian Mylchreest, Sr Prod, KNPR's "State of Nevada"

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I just can't see S. Nevada attaining the educational critical mass to be a front-ranked economic area. I can't help but think that the alternative energy businesses moving to S. Nevada will just remove and profit from this new/next natural resource and not bring the high value knowledge worker jobs. There will be a few top tier jobs and some decent paying ones but the level of automation will be fairly high and the labor headcount needs relatively low. We need to have educational initiatives that rank toward the top for the US not the bottom.
Aunty PalinJan 14, 2011 11:00:43 AM
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