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The Veterans Writing Project
The Veterans Writing Project

AIR DATE: January 20, 2011

The Nevada Office of Veterans Services and CSN have just launched the Veterans Writing Project. The project will offer classes for combat veterans to learn how to write memoir, fiction and poetry. Research shows that writing about war experiences and then sharing your work in a group setting can help heal psychological wounds for some veterans. We talk with the head of the Nevada Office of Veterans Services and Vietnam Veteran H. Lee Barnes about the project, their combat experience and how they hope to help Nevada veterans through writing.

Caleb Cage, Exec Dir, Nevada Office of Veterans Services
H. Lee Barnes, author, Vietnam Veteran
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    I returned from Viet Nam in Dec of 1966 and as the years began to pass, I began to realize that my experience, mostly kept private, could be clarified by writing. For a veteran to express to a non-veteran, his battle experiences,seems impossible. Writing became my catharsis, and the resolve to clarify what affect the war had on me. It's a wonder that this program wasn't thought of a lot sooner, I'm sure it would have many a returning veteran.
    Wayne C RobinsonJan 18, 2011 10:09:05 AM
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