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State of the State Reactions
State of the State Reactions

AIR DATE: January 26, 2011

Gov. Brian Sandoval delivered his first State of the State address and the outlines for his budget for the next two years. We talk with political pundits and leaders of some groups and institutions affected by the decisions in the budget to get their reactions to the plan to rescue the state's economy.

Steve Sebelius, KLAS Channel 8's I-Team and Ed, Las Vegas CityLife
Ron Futrell, Contributor,
Dan Klaich, Chancellor, Nevada System of Higher Education
Billy Vassiliadis, Pres and CEO, R&R Partners
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    You can have long term growth and attract new business when you have an uneducated population. People be smart this is a bad decision.
    luis barraganJan 25, 2011 20:41:00 PM
    Raising tuition and cutting K-12 funding? That's smart. I went to public schools in Las Vegas between 1994 and 2007. My entire basic education. That was a few years ago and we had slightly more funding then. And I went to so called "better" Vegas schools. And you know what? Frankly they sucked. I had a textbook once that still listed the USSR as a country. And as students we all knew that it was a poor system. Those of us who were smart enough did the best we could and those that struggled did very poorly. I was appalled by the number of people in my High School who did not even graduate. And those that do? The best of us have left. I am part of what you call the "brain drain". I was in the top %10 of my graduating class, and was reasonably competitive enough to go to a better university than UNR or UNLV (because objectively speaking they are not the top schools around, especially for their cost) that is out of state. All of my friends who did well in High School, (let's say those who got a 3.5 or above) are now out of state. And in planning life after college, to most of us NV is looking less and less attractive to return to. Sandoval's changes will just make this worse.
    danielleJan 25, 2011 20:02:01 PM
    Brian from Summerlin - you are 100% half right. Mining AND Gaming must step up and pay a share that is fair-er compared to current economy and other state realities.
    richardJan 25, 2011 10:16:08 AM
    I don't understand saying the state workers have to share in the burden as if we already aren't sharing. Why is the governor assuming we aren't having hardships because of the economy? Our hardships will be exacerbated by salary cuts after already having mandatory furloughs. Are tenured faculty of higher ed going to contribute finally?
    MarieJan 25, 2011 10:06:23 AM
    I agree with this comment too Marie. Everyone is having a hard time right now, and state services are not any less need, used or valuable than non-government work.
    danielleJan 25, 2011 20:12:05 PM
    Richard Small is correct, but there is a better candidate in the state: mining.

    The mostly foreign owned multinational gold mining corporations are not going anywhere. The gold is here. They literally cannot go anywhere else.

    Meanwhile, they are making record profits by taking our natural resources and shipping them out of state, all while paying an effective tax rate of 0.05%.

    You and I pay a tax rate of 8% when we buy a cup of coffee. How is this fair?

    Brian in SummerlinJan 25, 2011 10:01:57 AM
    We are at the bottom (49,50) for lower, higher education, and health. We cannot become a diversified economy without education. We all know this. By stopping increased taxes we are weakening ourselves for the next 10 - 15 years, and setting up our children (the bulk of them) for non-education dependent jobs. The gaming industry could come up with increased funds - without a long term drop in their profits. Tax them more temporarily (as well as ourselves) and place it against a lower tax in the gaming industry in a better economy.

    As far as the gaming industry executives, they have their children in private schools. They are not affected by our school system or our health system. They send their kids out of state for education in the higher education for the most part. Why? Because they wouldn't ever think of making their children go through education in the public schools in our state.

    I do not blame them. My children are in Buffalo with their mother. I would never have them continue in this state. Not because of our teachers,but because we have hamstrung them with our budget and overwhelming them with too many students per classroom.

    Dr. Jonathan BernsteinJan 25, 2011 10:00:09 AM
    If the state's higher education system cannot be all things to all people, why not concentrate on being good, on a world scale, at two things we have already started? We have the brain center downtown and we have solar energy plants. Expand our colleges in these areas. Train the experts we will need for the State's future and the world's future.I am willing to pay for it. Clark County did it when they levied a penny tax to increase the number of police. If I knew my penny was going to education, I would pay it. Also, I come from a state that has a lottery to help pay for education. Start one of those.
    SusanJan 25, 2011 09:58:30 AM
    Big deal - gaming has paid more every year...

    Where do they stand in Nevada compared to what they pay in other states??? They are here. They are not moving. They will invest in their businesses to stay competitive with the casino down the street. Build a new casino? NO. Lets deal with what we have and look at twhat they are doing.

    richard smallJan 25, 2011 09:52:38 AM
    FIRST: in response to the comment that "corporations don't pay taxes, people pay taxes" does that pundit align that with the fact that the Supreme Court has considered corporations to be people in all other respects. SECOND: we know that taxes on mining are structured in the state constitution, but it is my understanding that the way the taxes are in what can be written off before taxes are computed...are subject to legislative this, in fact, the case?
    DAVE HAMILTONJan 25, 2011 09:50:33 AM
    In response to DAVE's comment:

    You have pointed out one of the problems. Corporations in fact are not human beings. They only care about profits. Big construction companies PLAN for accidental deaths on large jobs. When was the last time you saw a civil human plan for other's deaths in their daily life? Go look for a movie/documentary called "The Corporation".

    Second and most immediately: Make the mining companies pay their full share during these times WHEN THEY ARE MAKING HUGE PROFITS... a full 5%.

    My sense is that out legislature is so small, that it is easy for the twp large industries in this state (Gambling and Mining) to contribute their way to preferred legislation.

    Did anyone notice that "Mining" was not mentioned by the governor or the Democratic respondent?? Cowards? Little thinkers? Money takers?

    RichardJan 25, 2011 10:11:48 AM
    Please address why we are still being held hostage by the unions? Their day should be gone.
    DonnaJan 25, 2011 09:45:05 AM
    Economic recovery on the backs of the poor and the children. I am not impressed.
    sbJan 25, 2011 09:21:06 AM
    Instead of saying thing similar to "no taxes," he should have said "no education cuts!"

    Honestly, if everyone should share the burden, EVERYONE should pay up (such as taxes). Right now it feel like students/educators are sharing too much of the burden.

    JessicaJan 25, 2011 05:26:47 AM
    I'm a dealer in town and a single parent. With a lot of luck I've been able to whether the economy here, but because of what Gov Sandoval plans to do to education I have to take her back East where other states that are going through the same things as Nevada are investing money in public education, not cutting it. We arrived here shortly before 9/11 and I cannot believe how people here are so determined to balance the budget at the price of our kids education. Its horrible. There are a number of southern states who are doing the smart thing and providing our kids what their minds need first. Goodbye, Nevada, and good luck, I can't wait any longer for you to decide to value education or my kids future. We have to go now.
    Mitchell G.Jan 25, 2011 02:05:57 AM
    Brian Sandoval had a chance tonight to be a Governor of the people and he blew it. Wal-Mart thanks him and the foreign corporations that mine pieces of our state and take them across the ocean thank him, but his budget provides the working families of this state either with unemployment, pay cuts, benefit cuts, or all three in rapid succession. And the children of this state? Well, if your family is rich like Sandovals, you can go to private schools; but if you are working class people, you get more and more education funding cuts with teachers who are paid less and less.

    This budget proves that Sandogibbons is cut from the same cloth as the last Republican who held that office-"Let them eat cake" indeed.

    He had his chance and he has picked his side-the Powerful and the Rich. Time for our side, the People, to have their turn.

    Call your legislator at 1-800-978-2878 and demand that this budget be rejected. Republicans and Democrats can do better without further damaging education, harming small businesses, and taking more money from the working class that would be spent instead in our economy.

    Jim in HendersonJan 24, 2011 23:06:27 PM
    I believe Gov Sandoval is doing the best he can with what & whom he has to work with. Nevada never has had a corporate tax so that businesses would move here. Most of the state is "owned" by the Fed's, it would make more sense to get the Federal Government out. Businesses pay plenty of money monthly and annually, based on profits and on number of employees, etc. Throwing money on top of money to "fix" things is not always the answer, just look at CA. Money is a tool to be used correctly, therefore, how money is used is the key. I think the Gov is on the right track at this time.
    DarleneJan 24, 2011 20:37:27 PM
    Darlene, B.S. is not doing the best he can when he decides to take more and more money from the hard working people of this state and from their children s education instead of telling big businesses such as the ones William mentioned to pay up. He's not our Governor. He's the corporation's Governor.
    Phil Jan 24, 2011 23:03:43 PM
    Wal-Mart pays a corporate income tax in every state that borders Nevada, yet pays no corporate income tax in Nevada. Where is the governor's shared sacrifice there?

    The mining industry, which consists of FOREIGN CORPORATIONS, has made RECORD PROFITS in the last few years because of the skyrocketing price of gold. Where is the governor's shared sacrifice there?

    Thousands of people are living, working, and driving cars in Nevada yet they are not paying to register their cars here. Where is the governor's shared sacrifice there?

    The brothel industry last February BEGGED to pay 2.5 million in new taxes to the state in order to help in this time of trouble. They offered to grow those taxes to 250 million. Where is the governor's shared sacrifice there?

    B.S. speaks of the "Nevada Family", but why do he and his fellows ALWAYS TAKE from the working people of this state who pay their fair share, be they in the private or public sector, but then leave big business, both domestic and foreign, to take whatever they want from us?

    B.S. refused to address these issues tonight. Instead, he decided to rape the working people of this state even more. Shame on him.

    William HiltonJan 24, 2011 18:42:36 PM
    Should we consider cutting the salaries and benefits to the elected representatives? No downside as it is doubtful that they would quit!
    duke breuerJan 24, 2011 10:44:35 AM
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