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Carolyn Edwards
Carolyn Edwards

AIR DATE: January 28, 2011

Governor Brian Sandoval wants to reform the state's education system by doing things like ending teacher tenure in Nevada and pushing for better charter school options for kids. These are just pieces of the Sandoval plan that officials in the Clark County School District will deal with. Also likely on that list is more budget cuts. This year the school board has three new members and a new superintendent. Carolyn Edwards takes the helm as chair of the CCSD board of trustees this year. We'll talk with her about the upcoming legislative session and her take on the real impact it might have on students in CCSD.

Carolyn Edwards, Chair, CCSD Board of Trustees
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    I'm a Montessori pre-school grad from long ago. Seems to me that whenever our schools try an approach like that (smaller class sizes, full-day kindergarten) the results are seen. You need only look to our improved pre-school and K grades on national index markers to note that. Guess what? Those programs were implemented by "throwing money" at the problem. That money is now gone and you will undoubtedly see the results in new national surveys. As for accountability those grades matter to me as a parent of 2 kids. And when we talk about returning school funding to 2003 levels that's not throwing money at anything. Even if we can agree to go backwards four years we have to accept the fact that growth hasn't stopped. Even with the recession and foreclosure crisis, there are still more than 16,000 new students in the state since '07. Lastly, if we were in the high $6,000s per kid a few years ago (briefly) and now we're below $4,800 per kid we are clearly not going in the right direction. These cuts are cuts that go right into the classroom. That's $270 per kid. And I don't find it acceptable.
    ErinJan 27, 2011 10:55:36 AM
    education is the key to a successful society. it's the foundation on which the societal structure is built. i do not think that throwing money at the problem is the solution. we have to examine the lowest denominator in our educational system. we do not hold the students accountable, nor their parents. there is no accountability. students who should not advance to the next grade level are advanced. why? once enough students are left behind, the message will come across. you are accountable for your actions or non-actions. young people are smart and if motivated, they will want to learn. i would propose to take out the state in the education equation and let educators determine what and how our young people are educated. maybe a montessorian approach to educating our young people is worth looking at.
    janJan 27, 2011 09:49:32 AM
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