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Hispanic Gamblers
Hispanic Gamblers

AIR DATE: January 31, 2011

Primm Valley Resorts, who owns Terrible's Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas as well as Buffalo Bill's and Whiskey Pete's casinos on the Nevada California border, is banking on a whole new segment of the population to boost up business. Hispanics. Primms is offering bilingual dealers as well as more Hispanic musical performers. Is it working? Are Hispanics generally a reliable customer base for casinos?

Stuart Richey, Marketing for Primms

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I applaud the Primm Casinos' efforts to target Hispanic customers. However, as a linguist and someone who feels strongly about language access -- especially when trying to sell something to Hispanics -- are the casinos providing interpreter for non-English speakers? (This might be a controversial topic, as evidenced by the previous comment, but would be in the casinos' interests). How about gaming classes in their language? Bilingual dealers are a good start. Most importantly: are they producing targeted, Spanish-language advertising rather than straight translations of texts that might not work in the foreign language?
Judy JennerJan 28, 2011 09:36:48 AM
I am concerned that we are encouraging Spanish as a language and Latino culture/history and religion as an alternative to our traditional Anglo/Saxon traditions. It should be remembered, and current problems within the European Union with their multiple languages, histories and cultures illustrate this amalgamation conundrum, America (the United States) have had tremendous advantages because of our common language, law and institutions.
Michael HaysJan 28, 2011 09:32:15 AM
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