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The 287(g) Program in Las Vegas
The 287(g) Program in Las Vegas

AIR DATE: February 2, 2011

Since 2008 the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been authorized to detain illegal immigrants under a partnership with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement program. A new report finds that Metro's treatment of undocumented aliens has been tempered by good judgment and fairness. We talk with an author of the report who researched conditions in Las Vegas.

Muzaffar Chishti, Co-author of "Delegation and Divergence: A study of 287 (g) State and Local Immigration Enforcement"

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I am Mexican/American from Nogales Arizona and most of my family still lives in Arizona. First of all Fernando Romero does not speak for the "community" every statement he makes is a insult to minorities who have had success in the United States. Mr Hispanics in Politics, no wonder there are no hispanics in politics. I also don't believe the story he told on the air, it sounded like he made it up. I called in and had no luck, oh how I wanted to get on the phone. As the study indicated, Metro is doing a great job and like any major project, I hope they try and improve the implementation of 287 (g) as they continue to work with it.
Kelly FontesJan 31, 2011 21:39:59 PM
I do think racial profiling is a reality. I am an immigrant myself -- albeit a white one with blonde hair from Vienna, Austria -- and I never get asked for my papers. Speaking fluent English might be part of the equation, the few times I've been stopped since I've been here (15 years), I've never been asked for my immigration status. I have to think it's because I don't fit the typical immigrant profile -- or whatever law enforcement might think it is.
Judy JennerJan 31, 2011 10:00:58 AM
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