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The Ink Spots
The Ink Spots

AIR DATE: February 4, 2011

If you thought the Ink Spots were long gone, think again. The group comes to life each week in Las Vegas at the Clarion Hotel with the World Famous Ink Spots - the third generation of the band. The show is named after the group's biggest hit, "If I Didn't Care." We talk with two of the show's performers about maintaining the memory of an old but great group.

Lou Ragland, The Ink Spots
Eddie "Coco" Stancil, The Ink Spots
Flery Bersey, The Ink Spots
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    Just cuz George Holmes once sang for a minute with Deek and Fuqua doesn't make him an Ink Spot. He just did like everybody else and made bank off the Ink Spots name. He had no integrity when it came to even trying to continue an Ink Spots legacy. Besides, George Holmes Ink Spots were not even the most popular Ink Spots imposter group. Groups like Gene Millers Ink Spots, and Jimmy Nabbie's Ink Spots were much more popular and got far more press than George Holmes. You can fool people who go to your shows but we all know you're just making money off the name. Why even call yourself "The Ink Spots" if you mostly get Platters requests and the majority of your setlist is non Ink Spots material? That doesn't make sense. And... Hoppy Jones was doing talking parts as early as 1938. Have you heard "Tune In On My Heart" from 1938? Hoppys talking bass part was not introduced at the "If I Didn't Care" session. In fact, Deek and Jerry Daniels were doing talking parts as early as 1935! How many Ink Spots songs does your group know? I myself know the lead part to every Ink Spots song ever recorded from '35 to 52 and the 2nd Tenor part to over 10. Email me @

    Austin CaseyJul 9, 2012 07:19:25 AM
    Man... I'm so tired of people telling the story of The Ink Spots wrong. Hoppy Jones had been doing the narrations for years before If I Didn't Care. He didnt "forget" his part. He WAS singing bass but in the middle he would stop to do the narration. Lou Ragland and these cats have no respect for Bill Kenny & The Original Group. They talk about George Holmes like he was an original member. He was an imposter... Yeah Lou was smart for getting the name copyrighted all though I've heard Audrey Kenny Bill's wife gave Johnny Smith the rights to the name. In any event... This is a good group but thats so wrong to put The Ink Spots name. Mr. Bursey forgot who the original lead singer was and is in The Ink Spots!???? Thats like playing for the Bulls and forgetting Michael Jordan. I know Bill Kenny is rolling over in his grave right now! Thats just so sad...
    Austin CaseyJun 15, 2012 15:51:31 PM
    Flery Burse'y did not forget or disrespect Bill Kenny's name,the pause was only a dramatic effect to get Lou Ragland involved in that part of the story, so as the newest member not to appear to hog the conversation sir. Since i have known these guys; I can say that these guys only demonstrate nothing but love and gratitude and respect for Bill Kenny and all of the guys who paved the way for us. We carry on the legacy because of nothing but love and respect and our fans know it and they show us with there love in return, So please don't worry we do care.(smile)
    FleryJun 23, 2012 10:39:45 AM
    Hello All This Austin Character has got his Facts wrong, in the first place Bills wife could not give away what she did not own aand no one ever researched the facts like I did, if so I could never have gotten a copyright to the name, and If anyone needs proof, I have it, pictures and all. Austin is just sour grapes. Hoppy Jones could not sing in that key nor did he know that just for the spacing and recoding that they were going to keep his narration, is was a temporary that was made pemament. Austin should talk to me ASAP and go to Ink Spots Generations and read the results about George Holmes facts!
    Lou RaglandJun 26, 2012 07:41:24 AM
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