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County Budget Impact
County Budget Impact

AIR DATE: February 14, 2011

The Sandoval administration's budget plan would have a harsh effect on services in Clark County. County leaders say that if the budget is implemented as is the county would be on the hook for an additional $100-million or funding responsibilities at the same time the county would lose about $150-million in tax revenue over the next two years. What does it all mean? County leaders say it means job cuts, buildings closing and a big reduction in services.
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    Not only are the waste, bureaucracy and mismanagement in Clark County beyond belief, but nearly all of their "services" are wants and not needs. Stick to only the needs and the budget would be balanced with taxes only a tiny fraction of what they are. Indeed, I'd say that we could eliminate 80% of the County employees without anyone even noticing, let alone caring. Clark County truly exemplifies Big Government gone wild!
    Tom H.Feb 14, 2011 18:56:27 PM
    I do not understand why services need to be cut when the Fire Department VOLUNTEER Coordinator is making almost half a million dollars per year: I do know these numbers are for 2009, but how can this stand? in a State that is supposed to be broke, why is Clark County not looking into these executive salaries?
    Lorin Feb 11, 2011 09:20:54 AM
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