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Ron Knecht
Ron Knecht

AIR DATE: February 24, 2011

Nevada System of Higher Education Regent, Ron Knecht says it's time for the Clark County School District and other social services to share a bigger part of the budget burden this time around. Knecht was in favor of a 10 percent budget cut proposed by former Governor, Jim Gibbons. But this time around he says it's too much and the cuts should be spread out more. We'll talk with Ron Knecht about higher education funding and the legislature.

Ron Knecht, regent

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Could he clarify if he is talking about per pupil spending or overall spending. I suspect he is talking about overall spending, which would be in line with the growth the state has experienced. In truth, Nevada is last in per pupil spending in the west. As an example, Wyoming spends about three times as much.
NICKFeb 15, 2011 09:59:13 AM
The regents, administrators and legislators don't have a clue as to what a university is, let alone how to run one efficiently. I could easily cut NSHE's budget by 30% without cancelling classes, increasing class size or increasing tuition. Armies of useless bureaucrats and administrators, scores of useless non-academic "departments", pseudo-academic bullshit departments that teach nothing, buildings that cost 5x what they should, letting anyone who's breathing attend, subsidized pseudo-businesses like T&M Center and DRI, hordes of unnecessary classified staff that make 3x the private sector while working far less, etc. The list is endless.
Tom H.Feb 14, 2011 19:14:17 PM
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