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E-Verify and Illegal Immigrants
E-Verify and Illegal Immigrants

AIR DATE: February 17, 2011

E-Verify is the federal government database that lets employers check if their workers are illegal or not. Hard-hit by foreclosures and job loss, some Inland Empire cities in California are cracking down harder on illegal immigrants - and requiring businesses to use E-Verify. Arizona took that approach - so is Las Vegas next? And what would it mean for business owners and their employees?

Phil Willon, reporter, LA Times
Mandi Lindsay, Govt Affairs Dir, Associated General Contractors (Las Vegas chapter)
Pat Hickey, Nevada State Assemblyman, District 25

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Many businesses claim to use E-verify, but judging from the hordes of very obviously illegal aliens I see them employ, it seems to me that E-verify doesn't work at all.
Tom H.Feb 16, 2011 21:56:00 PM
How accurate is the E-verify System? If your name is mistakenly put in the system, what is the procedure for removing it? How long does it take to remove it? If it takes a long time it might deprive an individual of a job.
Lou ArinFeb 16, 2011 10:17:44 AM
Already a requirement when working with walmart. We need this it is so easy to bypass the usual means of verifying legal status. If you have a swap meet id that matches a good ssn card you are in. E verify is inpenetrable and calls the people that these people are using there SSN. IT works
TysonFeb 16, 2011 09:54:21 AM
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