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Max Gardner
Max Gardner

AIR DATE: February 23, 2011

North Carolina Lawyer Max Gardner runs boot camp... for bankruptcy lawyers. He is on a crusade to reform the mortgage industry and he has been using the bankruptcy courts to do that. He says judges have often canceled fees because they were not fully disclosed when the mortgage was signed. Ultimately, he says, Congress needs to reform mortgage practices so that all fees are fully disclosed to borrowers.

Max Gardner, Bankruptcy Attorney, North Carolina
Michael Joe, Attorney, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
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    Max Gardner is unbelievabley sharp training Attorney's to protect consumers using consumer protection laws. Thank you. Sadly, Attorney's chose not to protect consumers filing fraudulent documents of Reconstituted Servicers in reconveyance of promissory note sold to LOAN TRUSTS. The BUYER of the LOAN TRUST placed into the public domain for sale financial products found to be defective at time of sale thru False Claims, False Statements, Misrepresentations, intent to take consumer property by deception, CUSTODIAN allowing third parties to take possession of property in all 50 states in larcenous manner, negligence, theft.... When will President Barack Obama enforce federal laws and protect welfare of our nation under Article II, Executive Branch, Executive Powers Jurisdiction Attorney General over financial holding companies with domicile in US whose foreign organizations harmed economy, third element of our national security, taking money out of nation thru feeder funds one mortgage at a time? Congressional Inquiry #854370 OCC, OTS, FRB without authority to adjudicate unlawful business matters - only House & Senate can protect consumers.
    Mary_Cochrane@saveamericaone.comFeb 20, 2011 07:12:09 AM
    Max Gardner is unbelievably sharp and clever. He has uncovered, developed and honed an ingenious, sound and thorough system to fight for and protect consumers and homeowners by utilizing the BK Court forum to litigate legitimate claims. However, there are so many BK attorneys in Las Vegas who are barely literate or competent in basic BK law, and there are even fewer BK attorneys with the training or experience to litigate in Federal Bk Court. It's sad that there aren't enough competent BK attorneys in this town to make Max's vision a larger reality. Max can only convey his message and vision, but there are too few competent attorneys who are skilled enough, or have enough resources, to implement what is otherwise a brilliant system that Max has created.
    Las Vegas BK AttorneyFeb 18, 2011 09:58:26 AM
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