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Hope During the Recession
Hope During the Recession

AIR DATE: February 22, 2011

Highest unemployment in the nation. Foreclosures. People losing their homes and sleeping in their cars. Job lines wrapping around the block. Things are not pretty in the state of Nevada. But at the end of the day... do you still have hope? Who do you turn to during dark times, and what reinspires you? Tell us what gives you hope. A pastor, journalist, actor, and others from Las Vegas talk about hope, and where we find it during the recession.

Amy Kingsley, journalist, Las Vegas City Life
Robert Fowler, Sr Pastor, Victory Missionary Baptist Church
Kathryn Arianoff, actor and realtor
Trish Geran, author, Beyond the Glimmering Lights: Pride and Perseverance of African Americans in Las Vegas

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Don't forget about the inner peace that comes from spending time out doors in wild places like Lake Mead, Red Rocks, and Mt. Charleston. Viva Wilderness!
Jim BooneFeb 18, 2011 10:43:14 AM
This is hope based on religion. This is the classic victims' triangle which the Judeo-Christian-Muslim religions promote in which its adherents plays shifting roles of "savior", "persecutor" and "victim", all of which are immature states by any measure and form the basis of unhealthy hierarchies which will only lead to more impoverishment. Auntie Mame had it right "Life is a banquet and most of the poor suckers are starving". Applied to Las Vegas, there is a massive pot of gold that we can EARN, not get through welfare. That pot is China, currently holds three trillion dollars to which $2B per day is being added, which simply requests that the US produce things that Chinese want. Las Vegas has that "thing" which can be changed into massive prosperity in which everyone wins. In this process we will get to act as adults not child-like victims as promoted in this program.
ed uehlingFeb 18, 2011 10:39:02 AM
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