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UNLV President Neal Smatresk
UNLV President Neal Smatresk

AIR DATE: February 24, 2011

In the wake of expected budget cuts that could cost UNLV million in state funding, the president of the University, Neal Smatresk is preparing the school for financial catastrophe. Neal Smatresk joins us to talk about the impact the Sandoval budget will have on UNLV.

Neal Smatresk, Pres, UNLV
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    I'm 29 and have recently returned to school at CSN to receive my AA. My intentions are to attend UNLV this fall majoring in Informatics. My concern is with Informatics being such a new field of study, how will the cuts affect my opportunity to complete my BS. I have completed my application but am reluctant to pay my app fee. I'm not sure if I should apply out of the state to a proven program.
    Deon JohnsonFeb 23, 2011 21:47:00 PM
    How is UNLV a money loser? Is the NSHE budget online? Consider, just a few the revenue streams. tuition per credit fee out-of -state tuition graduate course tuition parking fees fines textbooks fees rebel recycling fund fee undergrad student services fee csun fee mis sys specail fee (lab) bridge fee technology fee student health charge graduation fee orientation fee copier fee application fee gpsa fee study abroad fee technology fee late fees rental income from events licensing fees grants
    robFeb 23, 2011 20:53:33 PM
    To help people like Tom H. Understand what has been cut in the last 5 years, could Dr. Smatresk post a spreadsheet on the UNLV website detailing those cuts?
    Jim in HendersonFeb 21, 2011 07:57:53 AM
    Of course, as implied in my earlier comment, a list of what has NOT been cut would be far more interesting - and far more embarrassing!
    Tom H.Feb 22, 2011 03:38:46 AM
    The regents, university administrators and legislators don't have a clue as to what a university is, let alone how to run one efficiently. I could easily cut UNLV's budget by 30% without canceling classes, increasing class size or increasing tuition. Armies of useless, overpaid bureaucrats and administrators; scores of irrelevant, non-academic administrative "departments" and services; pseudo-academic bullshit departments that teach drivel; buildings that cost 5x what they should; letting anyone who's breathing attend; heavily subsidized, parasitic pseudo-businesses like T&M Center, DRI, and HRC; hordes of unnecessary classified staff that make 3x the private sector while working far less; a useless student rec center that costs millions to operate; endless catered affairs and glossy propaganda magazines; paid lobbyists that do the job of the president; farm teams passed off as athletic programs; etc. The list is endless. But, sadly, Neal Smatresk will, as he has done in the past, cut the real academics deeply while preserving crap programs, unnecessary administration, and bureaucracy -- and the clueless legislators will then praise him for a job well done.
    Tom H.Feb 18, 2011 23:56:40 PM
    This is exactly the problem. UNLV has too many non-academic units and adminstrators that sucks more money than the academics, but the president and perhaps the regents will cut the academics deeply and play the number games. Neal Smatresk should give the public a spreadsheet on the expenses of the university and have another one to compare the figures with a top UC university.
    George in Las VegasFeb 23, 2011 22:33:21 PM
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