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UMC -- a Research and Teaching Hospital?
UMC -- a Research and Teaching Hospital?

AIR DATE: February 28, 2011

After struggling financially for the past couple of years the Clark County Commission wants to make University Medial Center a cutting edge research and teaching hospital.

So how will that happen?

That's what the newly appointed 11-member UMC advisory panel hopes to help the County Commission find out.

We talk to members of the newly formed board.

Dr. John Ruckdeschel, Dir and CEO, Nevada Cancer Institute

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As mentioned earlier in the conversation, if UMC were to close, the other for profit hospitals will have to take on the indigent patients and their cost burdens. Wouldn't it be wise for ALL the area hospitals to pool some money in a sort of a piggy bank to help offset those costs that UMC can't be reimbursed for and thus in the long run it'll benefit everyone?
R BFeb 25, 2011 10:01:03 AM
Why did your guest not answer the gentleman's complaint about billing and a Mr Eddy. You allowed her to duck the quetion.Not very good journalism. thank you
AntnonyFeb 25, 2011 09:53:54 AM
One more thing, when I was on Medicaid last year it paid 100% for me to see a dermatologist for acne. I was perscribed Accutaine, or the generic counterpart. I saw ads on the Television from Lawyers saying that if anyone taking Accutaine has suffered from Colitis, which is what it causes, can contact him (the lawyer) and he will sue. Ok, this is a problem. For one thing, acne should not be covered by Medicaid. I have discovered it was my diet that was the biggest contributer to the acne. Second, taxpayers should not be paying for my acne. Also who foots the bill for the Doctors or drug companies being sued? I am just curious as to how many more drugs are covered by medicaid that are like this?
Ligeia WillFeb 25, 2011 09:52:21 AM
I just heard you discussing indigent care at UMC and I would like to add something that I saw last summer that should be of concern for the hospital. I spent 3 months at The Shade Tree Shelter and I was appalled at the misuse of abulances and firetrucks that came to Shade Tree, Catholic Charities and Salvation Army all day everyday. I took pictures of it because the abuse of it was enormous. I saw with my own eyes advocates at Shade Tree calling an ambulance for the most trivial things, like people forgetting to take their medication or taking it on an empty stomach. People with asthma having to breathe in all the perfumes and cleaning supplies odors that cause attacks, people with mental disabilities talking about mysterious pains they were having. I spoke with the people after they came back from their trip to the hospital. They told me after two days in the hospital and a battery of tests later that the Doctors could find nothing wrong. This occurred like I said everyday, all day. Please tell me what is going on here? Can anyone not see that there is complete disorganization and misuse of funds here?
Ligeia WillFeb 25, 2011 09:45:36 AM
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