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Harry Reid: Let's Outlaw Prostitution
Harry Reid: Let's Outlaw Prostitution

AIR DATE: February 25, 2011

Is Harry Reid looking to outlaw prostitution? The U.S. senator claimed legalized prostitution might be scaring potential business away from the state, in his morning remarks to the state legislature. Why is Harry Reid taking a stand now? And are businesses deterred from moving to Nevada because of legalized prostitution? A brothel lobbyist, a political pundit, and other experts weigh in.

George Flint, Dir and lobbyist, Nevada Brothel Owners' Association
Steve Sebelius, Columnist, LVRJ; member, KLAS Channel 8's I-Team
Bill Thompson, Prof, UNLV's Department of Public Administration

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Oh please...What about the federal brothel in Washington...The brothels are in rural counties. Reid lost all but one of those counties. This is just payback.
octoberFeb 25, 2011 07:20:29 AM
Nevada is already best known for Las Vegas, aka Sin City, it certainly doesn't need legalized prostitution to add to it's reputation. We would love to be recognized for industries that are innovative and green. Keep up the pressure for real change in our state, Senator Reid!
Barbara ClydeFeb 24, 2011 15:22:24 PM
I live in Las Vegas where prostitution is illegal and hookers walk the streets. I used to live in Denver where prostitution was illegal and hookers walked the streets. In Anytown, USA where prostitution is illegal, there is a working girl somewhere plying the trade she knows best. My answer to brothels in Nevada is this: I don't go there, but if someone else has that kind of money to burn, God bless 'em. If I wanted to bring my business into this state, my very last consideration would be legalized prostitution. The greater question is: Who's pulling Harry's chain on this issue and why?
WayneTFeb 24, 2011 10:42:23 AM
True enough less tax would be nice however consider the economy. I agree with Sarah.On numerous occasions I have heard various individuals state that they would not move here primarily due to a lack of regulation on prostitution/ (Sin City)...come on&& who wants their children exposed to this type of environment at any stage of life. We have the gambling in Las Vegas that ruins lives and families. we don't need and should not have legalized Prostitution.
Sharon DFeb 24, 2011 08:13:51 AM
History has shown that it is a mistake to attempt to legislate morality. Witness the Prohibition Era of the past century. As a practical matter, the authority to regulate the brothel industry in Nevada should remain with local governments, i.e. the counties, as is the case now.
John OhrenschallFeb 24, 2011 08:01:45 AM
Ours is the only state that has legalized prostitution. So every other state in the country is "legislating morality"? Has it been a mistake for the rest of the country? Of course prostitution will continue and those who choose to do this will find a way. That is not this issue at hand. The lobby rep said that only 1 business decided not to come to Nevada because of this issue. Imagine how many don't even consider Nevada because of this issue! Those who think it is not an issue for businesses (seeking to hire competent people who are seeking good places to raise their families) have their head it the desert dirt.
SarahFeb 24, 2011 11:47:19 AM
We looked into purchasing land up in Northern Nevada and decided against it because of legalized prostitution. I think many in Nevada are simply numb to how this undermines the state's ability to move forward. Pour your resources into education and new industry and watch how intelligent and creative people of this state (including folks who now work in the sex industry and others who may now consider moving here) will transform the economy. It may be slow, but it will happen.
SarahFeb 23, 2011 17:28:02 PM
Harry Reid should be ashamed of himself! At a time when the Senate is assulting funding for public radio and PBS,They want to elimainate the Epa,Stop funding abortions and remove a womens' right to choose to name just a few major issues And Harry is worried about Brothels? REALLY? Or is he just trying to widen his support base? Harryu should worry about things that matter.
allysa aaronFeb 23, 2011 17:08:48 PM
Harry didn't say that brothels stopped the business from moving here, just that they questioned the existence of brothels. Closing brothels would reduce taxes and force the business underground. Plus, those fired employees would be eligible for unemployment pay while working on the side. What a great idea! I agree that it is a lack of a skilled workforce that keeps new businesses away. So let's cut education even more and rely on gaming to support the state. No one in Carson City has the ability to pass an extraction tax on the mining industry that's making record profits.
Dave TFeb 23, 2011 16:29:06 PM
Engineers are expensive to educate (I am one). WHy do we need multiple (more than one) engineering school? Nebraska used to send Dental students to the University of Colorado so they didn't have to maintain an expensive program. Why can't we adopt a regional approach and get better engineers and dentists at less cost?
Michael LongFeb 23, 2011 10:20:52 AM
Harry appears to have the onset of Alzheimers in his push to legalize online poker and this latest proclamation. Online poker is almost impossible to regulate. For example, a player might not know that they are the only human in a game full of 'bots' let alone being cheated. As far as prostitution, it was legal in Las Vegas when Glen Jones was sheriff and was shut down here and continues to operate in rural counties. In the seventies, street walkers crowded the sidewalks on the Strip and interfered with the tourist traffic.
Sam TaylorFeb 23, 2011 09:36:15 AM
I meant to say: it is the government in Washington which prevents our potential visitors from coming to Las Vegas.
ed uehlingFeb 23, 2011 09:17:34 AM
The businesses are already here. They just need more customers and it is the government in Washington, where Harry Reid wields tremendous power and interest in the fortunes of the Democratic Party. When is he going to become interested in the fortunes of Nevada and Las Vegas and wield his power to make the US government allow the entry of the billion or more foreigners who want to visit our businesses. Just 4,000,000 Chinese tourists will leave as much in Vegas as the 37,000,000 visitors who came here in 2010. This would require the hiring of a hundred thousand people or more and allow the casinos to make a profit.
ed uehlingFeb 23, 2011 09:15:17 AM
In making his pitch yesterday to outlaw prostitution, Sen. Reid pointed to a single business that was thinking about moving to a rural county that ended up not coming here, in part, because of legalized prostitution. A couple of months ago, business leaders from around the world came to Nevada 2.0 at UNLV and stated that the reason businesses are not coming to Nevada is becuase our primary and higher education systems are underfunded due to our low tax base. So, should we believe a politican who cites a single business that might not have moved here because of prostitution, or business leaders from around the world who say the problem is the lack of education funding? I say believe the business leaders.
Jim in HendersonFeb 23, 2011 08:25:39 AM
Harry Reid's suggestion to outlaw prostitution in Nevada is anti-business -- plain and simple!
MikeFeb 23, 2011 07:33:43 AM
I believe the exact opposite to be true. Make prostitution illegal and it legitimizes our state for businesses and families. Moved here recently and can't believe that folks here are so blind to the way the rest of the country views this state because of things like prostitution. Wake up Nevada. That is plain and simple.
SarahFeb 23, 2011 17:17:42 PM
I just can't imagine that any legitimate business cares one way or another if prostitution is legal in some rural county 100 miles away from their location. Indeed, what would really attract new business to Nevada are lower taxes and less regulation, for those fundamentally affect the bottom line - and that is how most businesses calculate profit and loss. Further, much like we've seen with the War on Drugs, outlawing Brothels would just push that service into the black market, not make it go away.
Tom H.Feb 22, 2011 18:08:55 PM
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